Shedding Past Abuse To Dream Big Again – Biocybernaut Alpha 1 Testimonial

Training Type: Premium 

Training Level: Alpha 1

Dear Dr. Hardt,

 It’s been several months since my visit to the Biocybernaut Institute, at your Sedona Arizona location.  I’m still ever so grateful to you, your amazing staff and I will continue to cherish my experience for the remainder of my life, as it was and continues to be life changing in so many wonderful ways.

    While everyone’s experience will be unique to their own life, I thought I might share how my experience has impacted my life and perhaps you could share it with others curious, as I was, to how one may benefit from a week at the Biocybernaut Institute.

    Let’s start with how I heard about the Biocybernaut Institute:

While on a quest to reach higher levels of happiness, inner peace, and expand consciousness, I knew I would have to do some research.  So, I began my journey investigating a wide variety of possibilities. Then, it happened, while watching an interview on Gaia with host Regina Merideth, I was enthralled with Dr. Hardt’s own experience.  He was so enthusiastic, bright, well-educated and I loved the science that backed it all up, I knew this was where I was to receive my answers!

    Once I decided to attend the Biocybernaut Institute, there was no turning back for me, I knew it was going to take a level of dedication beyond my normal comfort level.  This within itself is a personal deep shift, and it was going to require that I give a 100%, after all, why did I come all that way?  To reach an expanded level of consciousness, reach higher level of happiness and inner peace.


    For myself, working through past hurts of abuse was the toughest, yet most important part for me.  I shared things I had never revealed to a soul until my training and I will tell you this much, I felt safe every single step of the way.  The group that I was with, was amazing beyond belief, in fact it brings tears to my eyes when I think about their unconditional support and let’s not leave out the trainer Grace, she was incredible.

    You know having been abused within itself is tough and all my life, off and on, I had been doing forgiveness and counseling.  While those are great tools and helped to a degree, for me, the pain and shame just sat on my shoulders. This in turn had been very distracting to many aspects of my life.

    As one could imagine, sharing and revealing this pain of the past was not easy going into it, but the compassion and insights talking through it in a state of Alpha was incredible and no amount of money or gifts can ever be enough to say thank you for helping shed what seemed like a world constantly sitting on my shoulders.

    Since my visit to the Biocybernaut Institute, this is what has happened for me:

  • Those old thoughts that used to pop into my head from the past of feeling betrayed or victimized have left the mental building.  Now, I’m not saying there are a few that pop up now and again that I had not worked through, but again, I have the tools to work through them too!
  • I’m a better communicator, more confident with others, I’m less anxious than ever before.
  • Relationships are better over-all, the more Alpha I create the more love and less judgement I feel.  For me, letting go of other people’s lives and control is something that I recognized and now have the tools gratefully to continue my work.  The up-side to this is, I’m doing so much better than ever before!
  • No more main-stream tv for me; I only watch and listen to positive, funny shows, interesting books or good quality music now.
  • Although social media is great for business, on a personal level, I have given it up.  This now offers more time to engage in “the real world”
  • I realized that I had been playing small in my own career and I have had BiG ideas and desires that I knew I was supposed to create, but too scared to go to the next level by taking the steps to get there.  I’m in the process of making tremendous and lasting changes in this area.

     Living life from a state of Alpha is a heightened level of consciousness, a beneficial way of living and the best way to achieve it is to do the work that accompanies it.  This is not an easy job as you will soon find out. It may be filled with great pain, but the best part about it is that we can leave it behind and move forward with this whole new tool box of knowledge following this process.  

    Some of you may not need to attend for anything other than to expand one’s consciousness, reach a heightened level of happiness and inner peace, that is the greatest part, you can attend several times and be more enlightened than you already were before you arrived.  If your question is “would you go again?” my answer is without a doubt, “yes”!!! And, I will and why not, when life just keeps getting better and better.

    Alpha is a state of pure love and bliss, once one understands how to reach it, no one will ever be able to take it away.  It literally only takes minutes to settle into again and again, creating an existence so different than ever before and ever after.  


    So, for those curious of what one experiences at the Biocybernaut Institute, this is just one of many wonderful and amazing stories. Take a leap of faith and experience it for yourself, I’m certain that you’ll be grateful that you did.

Thank you again Dr. Hardt and the Biocybernaut staff.  To those individuals interested in the Biocybernaut Institute training, “Best of luck on your journey”.

-R. Story

Real Estate Broker & Salon Owner

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Moodscale testing & review

One of the tests trainees participate in during training. The scale can yield measures of different moods that the trainee might not be aware of.

Neurofeedback Training Raw EEG & Integrated Amplitude

Close review with Trainer of the trainees recorded brainwaves.

Available Hemi Coherence Channel Triples

Hemi Coherence is the review of how coherent, balanced and integrated the different parts of the brain are.

Available Hemi Coherence Channel Pairs

Hemi Coherence is the review of how coherent, balanced and integrated the different parts of the brain are.

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These are the channels that are progressively added and monitored throughout your selected training program.

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These are the channels that are progressively added and monitored throughout your selected training program.

Channels of EEG Information

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Deluxe Premium Double 7 day with Dr. Hardt

Premium Double trainings requested to be led by Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder and President of Biocybernaut, will be $79,998USD per person which will include the 7-Day Premium Double Training package.

Deluxe Premium 7 day Training with Dr. Hardt

Premium trainings requested to be led by Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder and President of Biocybernaut, will be $49,998USD per person which will include the 7-Day Premium Training package.

Premium Double 7 day Training

The 7-Day Premium Double training provides double the amount of Neurofeedback training time as the 7-Day Premium Training. The 7-Day Premium Alpha One Training has been scientifically proven to deliver significant beneficial results including continued improvement after the Training. The 7-Day Premium Double is an intense experience that enhances the experience of the Trainees and maximizes the results. In addition to providing double the Neurofeedback training time as the Premium 7-Day training, the Premium Double offers a gradual increase in the number of EEG head sites that the Trainee is given Neurofeedback. So the Premium Double gives double the amount of time in the feedback chamber and it works up to double the number of head sites at which the trainee is given feedback.

Premium 7 day Training

The Biocybernaut Premium is the 7-day training program that is the core Biocybernaut offering and with which all of our scientific papers have been produced. The 7-Day Alpha One Training is scientifically proven in peer-reviewed scientific publications, to deliver significant beneficial results to the Trainee, including the Trainee’s continued improvement after leaving the Training.

5 Day Intensive

This Training is based on the Premium Double 7-Day Training. It is for those people who cannot find the time to get away for the full 7-Day Training. The Trainee will experience neurofeedback training twice a day and will have an incremental increase on the head sites they will receive feedback.