Rapidly Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence Through BioCybernaut Alpha Training 

Rapidly Increasing Your Emotional Intelligence Through BioCybernaut Alpha Training 

The book “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman has been a No. 1 bestseller on the New York Times book list.  The premise of the book is that our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is much more important in predicting our level of success and satisfaction in life than our I.Q.  

Another book, “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”, by Dr. Travis Bradberry and Dr. Jean Greaves actually quantifies the superiority of EQ over IQ, by reporting that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) accounts for 58% of your success in life, whereas IQ, traditional intelligence, only accounts for 10%-20% of your success in life.  

These books have redefined what it means to be smart and effective in life.  Goleman, in his book, defines five critical skills that make up emotional intelligence.  Below you will find a description of these essential skills, and several more, and how you can master them most quickly with the BioCybernaut Institute Alpha Brain Wave Feedback Training, our 7-day Neurofeedback and Emotional intensive.

You might be wondering – How effective is the BioCybernaut Alpha Training at increasing Emotional Intelligence?

A peer-reviewed study of the BioCybernaut EQ results was published in a British scientific journal, EC Psychology and Psychiatry.  It showed an average increase in EQ of 15.8 points, using Dr. Bradberry’s online EQ test before and after the 7-day Alpha Training at BioCybernaut.  This is an astonishingly large and almost unimaginably rapid increase in Emotional Intelligence as measured by Dr. Bradberry’s EQ test.

[Hardt, J.V.,  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Increases from the BioCybernaut Institute Alpha One Neurofeedback Training. EC Psychology and Psychiatry, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 44-55, 2017.]

Essential Emotional Skills

Knowing one’s own emotions

Self-awareness—recognizing a feeling as it is happening—is the keystone of emotional intelligence.  The ability to monitor what we are feeling from moment to moment is crucial to psychological insight and self-understanding.  

The Alpha One Training at BioCybernaut is designed to help you gain far better awareness of what you are feeling from moment to moment.  When you are doing the Alpha feedback, you will notice instantaneous variations in your Alpha feedback tones as your emotions flicker and change.  E-Motion suggests that your emotions are always in motion, always changing, and with the incredibly fast and immediate feedback from your BioCybernaut Alpha brain wave feedback tones, you will consciously know the instant your emotions start to change.  This is because the Biocybernaut technology shows you how your brain waves drive your emotions – because changes in your brain waves are instantly reflected in your emotions.  By giving you feedback on your brain waves, you gain a privileged view of this important process in your mind.  This also explains why learning to control your own Alpha Brain Waves in your BioCybernaut Alpha Training puts you masterfully in control of your own emotions.

In your BioCybernaut Alpha brain wave feedback training there are also specific emotional exercises and a workbook for your Mood Scale results that are a central part of the Alpha training.  These will give you a roadmap to your emotions and also give you powerfully effective tools to deal with them.  BioCybernaut’s Founder, Dr. Hardt, wrote a computer program to administer daily Mood Scale tests to evaluate your emotions while you are in your neurofeedback chamber and while your brain waves are being recorded.  This computer program seems almost psychic because it both evaluates and scores the conscious emotions that you know you have, but then it goes further and also detects your unconscious emotions.  The BioCybernaut Mood Scale program brings your unconscious emotions up into your conscious awareness so that you can work with them.  You do this using the powerful healing techniques and awareness methods taught in the BioCybernaut Alpha Trainings.  You come to understand immediately that being aware of your emotions helps you to make better decisions and to avoid inappropriate emotional responses that cloud your judgment.  The BioCybernaut Alpha Trainings include specific processes and powerfully effective methods, along with highly skilled coaching by your BioCybernaut Trainer, that will help you to eliminate the inappropriate emotional responses that cause you to make decisions that you later regret. 

Managing emotions

The BioCybernaut Forgiveness Method® goes far beyond managing your emotions by giving you a powerful tool to let go of, to forgive, and thus to eliminate the painful and limiting emotions and stress that have prevented you from performing at your best and being able to bounce back from life’s inevitable setbacks and challenges.  The BioCybernaut Forgiveness Method® will also show you how to eliminate the emotional baggage and patterns that stem from the traumas and disappointments that go all the way back to your childhood.  Indeed Inner Child work is a powerful part of the BioCybernaut Forgiveness Method®.  One especially powerful part of that is Rescue Forgiveness, where the Adult You intervenes in a traumatic event that took place in your childhood, both stopping the trauma or abuse and forgiving it.  Releasing is at the heart of this method and there are many ways to release.  In your BioCybernaut Alpha Training, you will learn many powerful ways to release.  Results consistently suggest that the Biocybernaut Alpha Training is the best, fastest, and most thorough way to release.

Motivating oneself  

Identifying and enhancing your positive emotions, including your unconscious positive emotions, in service of your goals is essential for paying good attention, sustaining your self-motivations, achieving mastery, and expanding creativity.  Creativity requires increases in Alpha brain waves, so when you learn how to increase your Alpha Brain Waves, you naturally increase your creativity.  A published research study found that the BioCybernaut Alpha Training increased creativity by 50%.  FIFTY!!!

[Hardt, J.V.& Gale, R.,  Creativity Increases in Scientists Through Alpha EEG Feedback Training, Proceedings of the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 24th Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, March 25-30, 1993.]

Emotional self-control

Delaying gratification and stifling impulsiveness underlies accomplishment of every sort.  Your emotions are conscious experiences that you have when you have the appropriate underlying brain wave patterns.  When your brain waves change, your emotions change.  So…when you learn to control your brain waves, it follows naturally that you are in much better control of your emotions.

Entering “flow” states for outstanding performance of all kinds

Alpha is the essence of flow states.  Consider this:  Relaxing increases Alpha.  Orgasm increases Alpha.  Absorption increases Alpha.  Joy, happiness, and bliss increase Alpha.  In the Yogic super-conscious state of Samadhi, huge Alpha waves appear in the brain.  In the Zen super-conscious state of Satori, huge Alpha waves appear in the brain.  At the highest levels of Alpha, it is a Euphoric High Energy State.

The skills that you will learn in your BioCybernaut Alpha One Training will show you how to easily eliminate the blocking feelings that prevent you from achieving what you want in life.  As you eliminate the feelings that say, “I can’t…I don’t know how…I don’t deserve it…I can’t handle it…,” you uncover your innate sense of “I can” that naturally catapults you into higher Alpha levels and thus to greater success.  Of course, our inappropriate emotions can cause us to act impulsively.  As you let them go, these initially unconscious reasons for your having negative emotions, you find it easier to stick with your goals.  As you forgive the cause of these negative emotions being in you, they naturally release and vanish from your life.  Whee!  Alpha Graduates consistently report that their BioCybernaut Alpha training results in easier access to the “flow” state.  The BioCybernaut Alpha Training will also show you specific processes designed to help you achieve all that you desire.  

Recognizing emotions in others 

Empathy…is a fundamental people skill.  As you progress in raising your own Alpha brain waves, you will not only become more aware of your own emotions, you will become much more able to recognize the emotions of others and then attune yourself to their needs and wants.  Khalil Gibran, the mystical Lebanese poet wrote: 

“What man would not burn his heart as incense before a God that listened to his prayers and granted him his desires.”

While BioCybernaut cannot promise you THAT extreme of a degree of empathy for others and their desires from your Alpha Training, you can move masterfully in that direction.  You and your relationships will benefit hugely from your increased Alpha ability to sense the emotional states and emotional needs of others.  And then with the increased Alpha mastery of your own emotions, you will be able to move in the direction of granting to these “others” that which they desire from you emotionally.  You will be more able to win the hearts and minds of others with your newfound BioCybernaut Emotional Intelligence skills.

An important part of the BioCybernaut Forgiveness Method® is walking in the other person’s shoes.  As you practice this empathy in every forgiveness that you do and with every person whom you forgive, your ability to recognize (and empathize) with the emotions of others will expand rapidly.

Handling relationships  

The art of handling relationships is, in a large part, based on your skill in reading the emotions of others, being sensitive to the emotions of others, and behaving in ways that lead to more positive emotions in others.”  As you let go of your own emotional baggage and increase your empathy by forgiving and releasing, you naturally develop a greater ability to relate to others.  As you learn this you become a master of your own emotions, and you intuitively know how to guide others toward their own emotional mastery.  Also, as you use BioCybernaut Forgiveness Method® every day and you let go of your own emotional baggage, more people will enjoy relating to you and giving you what you want.

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