First Impression: Anthony’s Biocybernaut Theta Journal — Day One

Wow, what a fantastic first day in Theta! As many who read my prior blogs know, Biocybernaut’s Alpha One and Alpha Two trainings totally changed my life. They helped transform my work and income, attract more aligned work relationships, get more done, and forgive/let go (and therefore heal) on a deep level.

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Shedding Past Abuse To Dream Big Again – Biocybernaut Alpha 1 Testimonial

Training Type: Premium 

Training Level: Alpha 1

Dear Dr. Hardt,

 It’s been several months since my visit to the Biocybernaut Institute, at your Sedona Arizona location.  I’m still ever so grateful to you, your amazing staff and I will continue to cherish my experience for the remainder of my life, as it was and continues to be life changing in so many wonderful ways.

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Your Wealth And Your Brain Waves

In simple language, Brain Waves Rule

This simple rule is taught at Biocybernaut Institute under the name of The Psychophysiological Principle, and it says that “Any experience you have as a living human being, you have only when you have the appropriate underlying pattern of brain waves.

So your brain waves rule your emotions and your feelings.  Your brain waves rule your sensory perceptions.  Your brain waves rule your athletic performance and enable Peak Performance.  Your brain waves rule your thoughts.  Your brain waves rule your creativity and your intuition.  Your brain waves rule your motivation and your self-confidence and also your self-doubt and your self-sabotage.


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How Gratitude Helps Heal Your Brain

From top scientists at Harvard, Yale and other leading research institutions all agree that gratitude has profound effects on the brain and body. Many of us know gratitude is a good thing, and yet it’s rare to meet someone who consistently practices it each day.

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The Simple Secret To Controlling Your Creativity

This post is about the connection between alpha waves, neurofeedback and creativity.

First, let’s begin with a definition of creativity, which the Oxford dictionary states to be:

The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.”

Second, it’s critical we address the myth that only those in “creative” professions, like writing, photography or other artists benefit from increased creativity.

At its root, creativity is about how resourceful your mind is at solving problems or making new connections of value — and in this light, rare is the individual who does not benefit in some way from increased creativity.

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Why Brainwaves Matter

The Biocybernaut adventure begins with an understanding of brainwaves.

Brainwaves are “groups” of electrical impulses used by the neurons in your brain use to do things.

While there are many ways to stimulate them (including certain types of audio sounds, like white or pink noise) — that process is called entrainment, and comes with many significant limitations.

But the one distinction we’ll highlight and focus on here exclusively is control.

Because properly administered neurofeedback is…

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Using Alpha Neurofeedback Training To Transform Your Daily Life: My Biocybernaut Journey – Part Two

My name is Anthony, and in my last post, I talked about my Biocybernaut Journey and how it helped me go from agony to ecstasy. If you haven’t read it for any reason, you should do that before diving into this one… because that gives you context for my actual experience DURING the 7-day alpha neurofeedback training. Now, the very fact that you’re reading this probably means that you’re probably familiar with at least SOME of training benefits, including:
  • Increasing your IQ 11.7 points
  • Boosting creativity 50%
  • 21-40 years of Zen in a week
  • Reversing brain aging in the EEG
  • More happiness and joy, and less fear
  • Improved focus and peak performance
And the list goes on. This post isn’t about my experience during the training–but rather–about integrating the many insights and changes I experienced into my daily life.
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From Agony To Ecstasy: My Biocybernaut Journey – Part 1

There I sat, in this small purple “chamber”…

My brain hooked up to electrodes and wires, color-coded numbers flashing across the screen in front of me every 2 minutes…

And the sounds–oh the marvelous sounds!

I was hearing a series of ‘tones’ which sounded like a beautiful symphony all around me.

Except there was no outside conductor or orchestra; my BRAIN–connected to proprietary neurofeedback technology–was producing these lovely sounds.

As my mind went deeper and deeper, becoming ever more immersed in the auditory tones… a sense of silence began to arise. Then unmistakable love and peace, accompanied by the realizations:

“I’m NOT who I thought I was.”

“THIS is who I really am!”

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