Global Coronovirus Intention to Mutate COVID-19

An Opportunity to Unite in Positivity

Please join us this Sunday, March 22nd (Monday in some time zones) for our GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS INTENTION for the Mutation of the COVID-19 Virus.

At Biocybernaut, there is a practice of people creating intentions while in brainwave feedback chambers to strengthen their brain energy, sharpen their focus, and connect with others who are on the same wavelength and holding the same intentions.

“We have witnessed the miracles and healings that these intentions and manifestations create,” attests Dr. James V. Hardt, Founder & CEO of The Biocybernaut Institute. “We have had remarkable experiences of healing when bringing like-minded people together to manifest as ONE.”

On Sunday, March 22nd, there will be three distinct global webinars (to accommodate all time zones) in which participants will jointly hold the intention to manifest a mutation in the coronavirus so that it immediately becomes harmless. And further, that it will evolve into a form that is actually beneficial to humans.

Times to join:
7AM March 22 PST | 2pm March 22 UK  | 1am March 23 AUS

12PM March 22 PST | 7pm March 22 UK | 6am March 23 AUS

5PM March 22 PST | 12AM March 23 UK | 11am March 23 AUS – NEW LINK.

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Peace & Love,
The Biocybernaut Institute, Dr. James Hardt

5PM March 22 PST | 7PM March 22 UK | 11am March 23 AUS

Global Coronovirus Intention to Mutate COVID-19 — Biocybernaut
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