Get a brainwave training for over 50% off!

We currently have a “Holiday Gift” promotion going on and want YOU to have the chance of getting a training for over half the price!

**For Sedona Location only**

We are bringing on a new trainer, Dr. Matthew Worthington. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Australia who specializes in Complex Trauma & PTSD.

Dr. Hardt will personally be present and will be carefully guiding each one of these six Alpha trainings along with Dr. Worthington, so it is an incredible opportunity to be in a training benefitting from both of them, at a much lower cost than normal.

If you are interested in some Amazing Savings on your next Biocybernaut training, these 6 Deluxe trainings with Dr. Hardt will only be $19,998 (instead of $49,998) for the Deluxe Single and only $29,998 (instead of $79,998) for the Deluxe Premium Double. 

This is a one-time offer and sure to fill up quickly, so get in now. We will not be able to offer this rate again in the future. 

Only 13 seats are available because we keep the groups very small. 

Available training dates:

Dec. 13 – 19 Deluxe Premium Double [SOLD OUT]

Dec. 26 – Jan 1 Deluxe Premium Single [2 seats open]

Jan. 4 – 10 Deluxe Premium Double [1 seat open]

Jan. 13 -19 Deluxe Premium Double [3 seats open]

Jan. 23 – 29 Deluxe Premium Double [2 seats open]

Feb. 3 – 9 Deluxe Premium Single [5 seats open]

Naturally, a deposit is required to hold your spot for one of these “Holiday Gift” trainings with the both of us. For finance options, see here.

This is an incredible opportunity and will be truly life-changing for those who come. These spots are filling up FAST so take action now!

To sign up contact Kate

During some of these dates we have Dr. Hardt’s most senior Trainer, Grace available and prices for these trainings are located on our website here.