From Agony To Ecstasy: My Biocybernaut Journey – Part 1

There I sat, in this small purple “chamber”…

My brain hooked up to electrodes and wires, color-coded numbers flashing across the screen in front of me every 2 minutes…

And the sounds–oh the marvelous sounds!

I was hearing a series of ‘tones’ which sounded like a beautiful symphony all around me.

Except there was no outside conductor or orchestra; my BRAIN–connected to proprietary neurofeedback technology–was producing these lovely sounds.

As my mind went deeper and deeper, becoming ever more immersed in the auditory tones… a sense of silence began to arise. Then unmistakable love and peace, accompanied by the realizations:

“I’m NOT who I thought I was.”

“THIS is who I really am!”

“I Sat There in This Purple Room, Basking in
the Most Profound Silence, Peace and Love...”

In just 2.5 intense days of Biocybernaut Alpha one training–I’d reached a state that it takes Zen meditators 40+ years to reach. And my brainwaves confirmed it. Look below and you’ll see a picture of my brainwaves. Notice the abundance of alpha waves across all regions, with theta and delta waves appearing in the frontal/temporal regions.

Brainwaves Matter

As Dr. James Hardt, the founder of Biocybernaut first observed in his own study with Zen monks:

One study done in Japan by Kasamatsu and Hirai with zen monks from both the Soto and the Rinzai branches of Zen began by asking the Zen masters of the Zen monks to rate their monks for level of spiritual development (beginner, intermediate and advanced).  Then they measured the monks’ brain waves as they were doing Zen meditation, sitting Zazen. And what they found was that the more highly rated the monks were in spiritual development by their Zen master, the more Alpha brain waves they had in their meditation records.

There were important nuances, such that in beginners, Alpha increased at the back of the head only; in intermediate Zen, the alpha waves increased first at the back of the head and then spread forward on the head.  And in advanced Zen, Alpha began by increasing at the back of the head and then spread forward on the head, and then the frequency of the Alpha slowed a little, and at Frontal locations of the brain (F3 and F4) the monks began producing Theta waves.

I’m still in shock when I read this. That my brain gotten to this magical place in LESS THAN 3 DAYS — seemed to defy everything we’ve ever been told about science and spiritual practice.

And the craziest part of all? Just a few days earlier…

“I Was Exhausted and on the
Brink of a Total Collapse”

Silly me, I almost forgot to introduce myself!

My name is Anthony–and I would like to begin by thanking Jim (Dr. Hardt), Alice, Aaron, Jo-Ann and everyone on the Biocybernaut team for facilitating my experience and allowing me to share.

I would especially like to thank Grace, my lovely trainer for that mind-blowing week, for being such a fierce and loving guide. I love you!

Back to my experience…

By no rational measure should I have done the Biocybernaut training when I did. Leading up to my week-long adventure, I was:

  • At the PEAK of a caffeine addiction, drinking the equivalent of 8-10 cups per day via espresso, cold brew, and concentrates
  • Massively behind and overloaded on work, stressed out virtually every project on my overfilled plate
  • Financially behind due to personal distractions, moving chaos and reduced output while in the midst of a divorce
  • Emotionally on a roller coaster as a result of work issues, divorce and a dozen other problems that could fill up an entire post

In short, I was exhausted.

And the caffeine–even in massive amounts–could not help me keep up. While it would have been totally understandable and sane to cancel and reschedule my training for a later date–something inside told me to trust and attend it anyway.

So that’s what I did…

“From Zombie to Alive Again (Barely)”

Knowing I would not be able to consume any caffeine during the training, I gave it up cold turkey the day before. Ideally, you spend at least 1-2 weeks detoxing, but I couldn’t afford to do that. I was running on fumes and caffeine was the only thing keeping me going.

My risk for massive headaches and detox during the event was high, I realized, and far from ideal. But these are the cards I was dealt.

On the first day, I was understandably in a pretty zombie-like state. Without any coffee or stimulants (including no onions, garlic or spicy foods)–I would often feel sudden rushes of sleepiness so intense, I’d nod off like I was narcoleptic.

Grace often pointed out gaps in my charts showing where I had quickly dozed off. It was never for very long, but fairly frequent.

That was my first day; but still, I toughed it out and made it through most of both sessions and follow-up work without totally falling asleep.

That alone seemed amazing, but the real miracle occurred on day two.

Add Your Heading “By the Second Day,
I Was Like a New Person!”Text Here

Most of my drowsiness was gone. My energy started to become consistently high throughout the day; again, despite zero caffeine or stimulants of any kind (an amazing feat for me then!)–and I felt a cheerfulness and high mood that I hadn’t experienced in years.

What’s more, I was beginning to really experience the benefits of the neurofeedback within the chamber.

My mind was becoming quieter, with less chatter–and deeper emotions were coming up into my awareness, where they could be faced and released.

I won’t go into the full-blown, 16-part forgiveness process that Biocybernaut uses in conjunction with their technology and supportive processes/methodology (including the wisdom of a trainer who begins to know you and helps guide you to deep places). That is the subject for an entire post or even book.

What I will say is that, while most of us understand the power of forgiveness, I think few people ever experience the FULL power of forgiveness, release and corresponding freedom that comes from doing it while in DEEP states of Alpha.

Making Your Unconscious Mind Conscious

One reason for this is the nearly unlimited nature of the subconscious mind.

Some, including scientists at MIT, have said that while the conscious mind can process 60-200 bits of information per second–the unconscious mind can handle millions or even billions, depending on which source you believe.

Whatever the numbers researchers ultimately agree on–the bottom line is that our unconscious mind is a largely untapped reservoirs of power and capacity. And it often REMAINS untapped, because of emotional trauma and all the associated thoughts and energy around those traumas.

It could be the parent who neglected or abused you, the teacher who humiliated you in front of the class, the sibling who insulted you, kids teasing or rejecting you at school, your first heartbreak–or any countless number of things we humans get hurt by and hold onto.

The problem is not the pain itself, but our tendency to “hold on”–in deep, unconscious parts of our psyche–all the ways and times we’ve been hurt or wronged. We do this with the logical assumption that this will help protect us in the future.

Free Up Precious Mind Space
and Untapped Brain Power

One of the first things you learn during your Biocybernaut training is that–while we can logically think it makes sense to let go of the past; it’s nearly impossible to do in a more surface-level, Beta state of mind… which keeps us removed from deeper access to the unconscious mind.

That deeper access ONLY occurs in Alpha (and different degrees, Theta and Delta) brain states. But certainly not in Beta, which is our predominant mental state.

The difference is night and day.

Beta is surface. Alpha–when done the right way–is so deep, you can literally let go of lifelong emotional pain in a single day. Sometimes IN A SINGLE MOMENT!

Imagine being so ashamed about something — you’ve gone your whole life without telling anyone. Then suddenly, you not only have the courage to share it, but you can actually RELEASE it, going from tears of sadness to total joy–in the same day.

Everyone is different; but just about everyone has something to offload from their psyche. When that begins to happen, there’s a spaciousness in your brain that gives you increased capacity to think, solve, focus and more.

I began to notice this during that week of training. Especially around areas of stress.

“Could All My Stress Be Self-Imposed?”

Prior to beginning my training–my entire life had felt so constrained, so closed in, it was terrifying. Each area of my life was filled with ever-increasing pressure — typically involving something I was resisting doing.

My relationship/divorce was intensifying, my money and work challenges were getting worse, and my health was deteriorating.

But what I experienced inside the neurofeedback chamber at Biocybernaut — listening to the sound of my brainwaves correct and optimize themselves — is that my mind is the creator of all this stress and pressure.

Sure, there were external realities I needed to address. But for the first time ever, I saw that it was possible to NOT be stressed, fearful and anxious about everything. My fearful and nervous reactions were byproducts of past patterns and emotions.

Through the experience of deeper awareness, release and peace–I realized that I now had a choice.

And choice, as we all know, is freedom.

Higher and Ever More
Beautiful States of Being

Already, I’ve mentioned my massive reduction in stress, mental rejuvenation that allowed me to feel energized without caffeine and stunning new clarity…

But that was really just getting back to normal human baseline. Beyond that, with each passing day, I began to experience even more profound states.

As all the negative self-talk in my brain faded away, and my mind grew ever more quiet–I begin to feel expansive states of love.

Not just any old love, I’m talking about love with a capital “L”...

To understand what I mean by that, think back to the time when you were most in love. Maybe it’s your present partner, maybe a flame from your past. Try to get a sense for how your body felt in that state, including your heart.

Got it? Good.

Now, take that state of love–and multiply it by 100–and send it out in every direction, infinitely.

That’s the closest approximation I have for what I experienced. So much so, that one of my biggest takeaways from doing this training was:

“Love Is Who I REALLY Am.”
(And That Doesn’t Make Me a Hippie!)

It’s not that my identity as a man, as a writer, and all the other facets or relationships in my life was false; the realization was more that those were secondary to my deeper identity–my true nature–which was and is love.

Now, I realize this probably sounds far out–or though maybe someone slipped me some acid or LSD without me realizing it. But I assure you: I was as clean as can be. This was all the natural byproduct of my experience, undergoing the Biocybernaut process.

And beyond finding an inner source of happiness (that’s a pretty big deal, right??!) — there’s another highly practical dimension to being able to access higher love and peace at will.

Because as I progressively accessed more and more of these deep Zen states of stillness and realization — my entire psyche and perception shifted. About everything.


In my next post — which will be about INTEGRATING the Biocybernaut experience in my daily life — I’ll discuss some of the changes and challenges I experienced following my week-long adventure.

As you’ll see, tapping into 21-40 years of Zen consciousness brings with it considerable daily benefits; especially if you’re dealing with difficult or rocky situations in your life, be it business or personal.

My ability to remain calm, loving, accepting, and unwaveringly positive — even in the face of the most intense attacks and potential triggers — were tested many, MANY times following this training.

And thanks to the shifts made, I passed nearly every instance with flying colors.

Incidents or verbal exchanges that would have previously created heated arguments, ugly wars of words, negative energy, drain and hostility were — and to this day — are continually met with calm, care, peace and FULL access to my mental capacity to help and resolve the situation.

That was one of the many miracles I observed following my 7-day training.

I’ll explain that and more in my next post.



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