First Impression: Anthony’s Biocybernaut Theta Journal — Day One

Wow, what a fantastic first day in Theta! As many who read my prior blogs know, Biocybernaut’s Alpha One and Alpha Two pieces of training totally changed my life. They helped transform my work and income, attract more aligned work relationships, get more done, and forgive/let go (and therefore heal) on a deep level.

I decided to take the Theta Training because I was attracted to the possibility of tapping into my deeper unconscious mind (some might say spirit). I’ve had some experience with theta brainwaves in the past and thought I understood it pretty well.

But oh my, was it humbling. First of all, to see scores so much lower than my alpha brainwave scores was a good ego lesson. I had to let that go.

The next thing that really surprised me about theta was how well it responded, even encouraged, vulnerability. Because just “drifting” into the near-sleep/dreamy state didn’t increase my theta brainwave activity very much. It was only when I started to feel unconscious emotions, the sort of “underlayer” of my psyche, Theta increased significantly.

I was surprised by how much fear, anxiety and even a little sadness I had buried under the surface. But I also saw how those underlying emotions were creating patterns, behaviors, and outcomes in my life. It was beautiful in away. It gave me a glimpse at the potential to totally heal anything in my unconscious, and through higher awareness and responsibility, create from a profoundly free place.

Any feelings that come up in theta seem to shift on their own. The state itself is healing. There’s little to do. Sometimes mysterious images from your unconscious will flash through. Or new images will come from your higher mind that reflects the change you want. And like all healing, it’s not always comfortable. It’s also very different than the expansive feeling of high alpha.

But the reward, so far in Theta Training, was that it feels like I’m coming into myself.

In fact, one of my big day one insights was that I don’t entirely know the real me; there are layers of myself accessible in theta that I’ve never touched, seen, felt.

I’m excited to get to know the real me all week, and of course, to share more with you…

First Impression: Anthony’s Biocybernaut Theta Journal — Biocybernaut
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