A New Healing Alliance with the Sedona Wellness Retreat – Part 2, Encouraging Fuller Oxygenation

[editor’s note: this is the second part of Dr. Hardt’s letter on Biocybernaut’s new partnership with the Sedona Wellness Center – for Part One, see the previous blog post]

The following summaries of scientific studies will help you understand why we at Biocybernaut are so excited that our new Alliance with Sedona Wellness Retreat will give you access to a variety of Oxygen enhancing therapies.

In one Alpha brain wave study done with monkeys, their EEG Alpha activity was measured with electrodes attached to their scalps.  The EEGs looked normal with nice Alpha waves coming and going.  Then the researchers temporarily clamped shut one of the two carotid arteries (left side or right side).  The carotid arteries run up the left and right sides of the neck to provide blood to the brain.  When the left (or right) carotid artery was temporarily clamped shut, the blood flow to that side of the brain was dramatically reduced.  There is a little bit of blood flow between the two brain hemispheres.  The Circle of Willis is the main one, but it does not provide much blood flow compared to the Carotid arteries.

When blood flow to one of the monkey’s hemispheres was dramatically reduced, the Alpha brain waves in that hemisphere disappeared and were replaced by the senile EEG pattern of mixed Theta and Beta waves.  Less oxygen to the brain means less Alpha in the brain.

When the researchers unclamped the Carotid artery, the senile EEG pattern went away and was replaced by normal healthy Alpha brain waves.

In a second Alpha brain wave study done with humans, a scientist named Flügel worked with people who were diagnosed with Hypoxia – (hypo-oxygen), meaning low oxygen, not enough oxygen delivered to their brains. 

As you can guess, hypoxic patients have less Alpha and some have almost no Alpha brain waves.  This helps explain why Hypoxic patients have reduced intellectual function and very little psychic drive and almost no motivation. 

Flügel proposed to his Human Subjects Committee to inject a powerful (but dangerous) vasoactive drug into these hypoxic patients while he measured their EEG activity.  This drug would force open the blood vessels allowing more oxygen to be delivered to the brains of the hypoxic patients.  The drug was too dangerous to be used continuously but Flügel won approval by using a one-time trial to study the effects on Alpha brain waves.

Almost as soon as the drug was injected into the hypoxic patients, expanding their blood vessels and allowing more oxygen to reach their brains, their Alpha brain waves began to increase.  It was amazing to see their rapidly increasing Alpha waves as their brains, long starved for oxygen, began to enjoy the Alpha benefits of more oxygen delivery to their brains. 

And it was not just Alpha that increased.  Their normal intellectual function came back and so did their psychic drive and motivation.  So it is very clear that improved oxygenation of the blood improves your ability to make Alpha brain waves, and that brings with it enhanced intellectual function and more motivation. 

Now you can see why Biocybernaut is so excited to be able to offer you Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Steam Saunas, Ozone enemas, and all the health services available at Sedona Wellness Retreat.

The Alpha Tan.  One more story will help you understand the sudden wonderful increases in Alpha that you can produce when you learn how to increase blood flow to your brain. 

We know that people can learn, using feedback, how to dilate their blood vessels.  Temperature biofeedback of the fingers and toes is commonly used to help people learn to overcome cold hands and cold feet. 

In serious cases, the fingers and toes turn blue from lack of oxygen and are so painful that doctors sometimes resort to amputating the fingers and/or the toes.  This condition is called Raynaud’s Disease.  And before temperature biofeedback for training people how to do voluntary hand warming, sadly, amputation was often the only way to stop the terrible pain caused by bad circulation to the fingers and/or the toes by Raynaud’s Disease. 

People would use hand temperature biofeedback with a temperature probe on their fingers or toes and they would watch a little screen flash the temperature every second.  Or there could be a soft tone that beeped faster when the finger temperature was going up and beeped slower when the finger temperature was falling. 

By mentally repeating autogenic phrases like “My hands are heavy and warm.” while doing the temperature biofeedback, people could learn how to warm their hands and cure Raynaud’s disease.  The underlying mechanism was simple.  By dilating the blood vessels of the fingers and toes, more warm blood from the body core would flow out to the fingers and toes and this would restore the missing oxygen and the pain would go away.  The blue fingers would restore to normal color and the person would be pain-free. 

The key is to deliver more blood and oxygen to the tissues that are deprived of oxygen.

Blood Flow and Alpha Brain Waves.  It turns out that one of the ways to produce big increases in your Alpha Waves is to increase blood flow to the brain.  Cerebro-vasodilation is the secret to this.  This is demonstrated by Alpha trainees who come out of their neurofeedback chamber on some days with an ALPHA TAN! 

In some sessions for some people, their brains figure out that a powerful key to higher Alpha is to increase blood flow to the brain.  When this happens, the brain initially overgeneralizes and orders up increased blood flow to the entire head: The forehead, nose, chin, cheeks, lips, and even the ears all glow with an Alpha Tan as though the person just returned from 2 weeks on the beach in Barbados or the Bahamas.  

On such days, the person will have shown a HUGE increase in their Alpha waves as the brain rejoices in an increased supply of oxygen and glucose.  On subsequent days, the brain, being very efficient, figures out that there is no need to increase blood flow to the nose and cheeks and forehead and ears, and the brain then focuses its vasodilation efforts on increasing blood flow inside the skull,- just to the brain and not the face. 

This is absolutely clear proof that learning to have greater oxygenation of the brain will help you to make bigger Alpha faster and easier.  So bring on the oxygen-increasing methods, including Hyperbaric Oxygen.  So, again, we at Biocybernaut celebrate our new alliance with Sedona Wellness Retreat where you find both lodging and delicious plant-based food and juices to support you in your Alpha Trainings. 

And even better, you can also find Oxygen-enhancing therapies at Sedona Wellness Retreat, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Ozone Steam Saunas, and Ozone Enemas.  Plus they also have IV infusion services in their Medical Yurt.  All of these can support you in your brain wave feedback trainings at Biocybernaut Institute of Arizona.

Y’all come.  We’ll have some really good times together now.

With love and blessings,


P.S.  I’ve just completed a 2-week stay at Sedona Wellness Retreat.  I did their wonderful juice fast and as many of their treatments as I could fit into some long days, where I’d get up at 6:30 AM, have juice and oatmeal for breakfast at 7:30, and report to the Medical Yurt at 8:00 AM, where I’d stay (except for lunch) until they close the Yurt at 4:30 PM.  My weight is down almost 10 pounds.  My waist has shrunk.  My blood pressure is also down as low as 112/68 and that is with stopping my small dose of 5 mg/day of Lisinopril blood pressure medication. 

My skin has cleared up, and become more supple.  Blemishes have faded and I’ve come to know some wonderful and very caring people here at Sedona Wellness Retreat.  And together we have created an Alliance where people coming for Biocybernaut brain training can stay at Sedona Wellness Retreat (with a 10% discount) and also enjoy all the retreat services, including oxygen-enhancing services like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Ozone Steam Saunas. 

This is a Win for everyone, including YOU!

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