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Ben Is A Leader in Muscle Building and Mindfulness.

He attended Biocybernaut to transform his mind just as he has spent years tansforming his body in the gym. 
Not long ago Ben attended an extensive 7-day Deluxe Premium Double Apha brain training with Biocybernaut creator Dr. James Hardt…
Here’s A Quick Video He Publicly Posted After His Seventh Day of Brain Training…

 On Ben’s podcast with Dr. James Hardt (before his training even began) he stated,

“ … I can’t tell you how grateful I am, I think this is the most fascinating thing that I’ve pretty much ever heard of in my life for anyone who wants to be a high performer and everyone who listens to my podcast is striving for greatness. “

Going on to say,

“I think it’s brilliant because it’s the type of thing you’re going to impact people in such a massive way and potentially change the paradigm of the world because I just see how this could change anyone who’s got a negative thought process. Anyone who wants to do bad things, anyone who’s had bad things done to them, I just see it as being such a valuable asset.”

Our data spanning thousands of Biocybernaut trainees shows that everyone transforms in different ways, with many of the core benefits available to everyone: 

  • Everyone experiences an increase in intelligence consistent with our research showing an average of 11.7 points of IQ improvement
  • People have dramatic spikes in creative output, matching our research showing an average of a 50% increase in creativity
  • Nearly everyone experiences huge leaps in their ability to lower and manage stress, no matter what’s happening in their lives
  • And the list of researched benefits is vast: more joy, improved mood, better focus, less distraction, better relationships, more sources of income, more savings, less debt and much more
  • We’ve just had a paper accepted for publication showing a highly significant 10+ point increases in Emotional Intelligence (which is more highly correlated to your financial income than IQ) and a study where 71% of the trainees experienced more sources of income, more savings and less debt along with generally better financial health following their training!

Based on EQ research, a $15,000 training typically pays for itself in the first year alone. And that’s on average. If you’re in a high-earning career or business, that time frame and ROI could be sped up considerably.

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Training PACKAGES Prices

Premium Premium Double Bootcamp Premium Double Deluxe Premium Double
Price $14,998 $14,998 $19,998 $24,998
Training Days 7 5 7 7
Number of People in Training 5 Max 3 Max 3 Max 3 Max
Training Coach Yes Yes Yes Yes w/ Dr. Hardt
Advanced Neurofeedback Training Yes Yes Yes Yes
Neurofeedback Channels 6 9 12 12
Neurofeedback Training Raw EEG & Integrated Amplitude Review Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moodscale Testing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moodscale Testing Review Yes Yes Yes Yes
Training Type Alpha & Theta Alpha & Theta Alpha & Theta Alpha & Theta
Training Levels 1-9 1-9 1-9 1-9
Required Entry Level Alpha 1 Alpha 1 Alpha 1 Alpha 1
Training Progression Alpha 2 or Theta 1 Alpha 2 or Theta 1 Alpha 2 or Theta 1 Alpha 2 or Theta 1
* Additional taxes may apply where applicable.

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