Alpha One Brain Training & Neurofeedback


Biocybernaut has Nine Levels of Alpha Trainings. Alpha Trainings build on each previous training bringing you into richer and richer experiences and allowing your brain waves to organize and grow and synchronize more broadly across your head. Each successive training allows you to further advance in your Mind Mastery through increasing self-mastery of your own brain waves.

Alpha One Training gives you feedback on four different channels.  The left and right Occipitals, as well as the left and right Centrals.  On the fourth day you will receive feedback on the coherence between your left and right hemispheres.  This Hemi-Coherence feedback continues all of Days 4, 5, 6 and 7.

Alpha Two gives you feedback on all 8 channels, which are the left and right Frontals, as well as the left and right Temporals (in addition to the Alpha one feedback channels) . The feedback also includes hemi-coherence on four Left Brain:Right Brain channel pairs.

Alpha Three provides feedback that focuses your learning predominantly on integrating your Left Brain and your Right Brain. This involves very powerful feedback that emphasizes your hemi-coherence tones and scores, all of which deal with left:right synchronization.