Alpha 3 Brainwave
Neurofeedback Training

Biocybernaut's Alpha 3 Brainwave Neurofeedback Training

Having ‘mastered’ the basics in Alpha 1 and 2, with Alpha 3 it is all about INTEGRATION…

Lots and lots of integration (between the LEFT Brain and the RIGHT Brain). This allows you to come back to yourself in a much deeper way. Since this is a new take on the previous Alpha brainwave neurofeedback trainings, it really makes a difference. How? Well, 70% of feedback in Alpha 3 is on semi-coherence, you’ll get new, quieter tones and will be benefitting from the two previous levels working together above your personal baseline.

Okay, so let’s talk about alpha three neurofeedback training with Biocybernaut’s data-drive, proven protocols. 

The the theme of alpha three is an integrated mind. And the practice is mind integration. Both of these are trademarked – integrated mind and mind integration. And so how does that practice of mind integration work? Well, for starters, We give people all 12 scores at once that they had in alpha two. However, the audio feedback is profoundly altered. The volume of the audio and all of the integrated amplitude scores from both the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere are turned down to about 30% of normal. What this causes is for the Hemi-coherence, proximal, central, temporal and frontal to stand out. And so simply by having the Hemi-coherence total at a higher volume relative to the integrated down to only 30%, the mind is able to focus on the Hemi-coherence tones, which only come on when the when the brain becomes integrated in pairwise combinations. 

Simply put, we’re focusing on when the mind is integrated and working together in a new way that we haven’t before (left and right), instead of just alpha creation. It’s whole mind integration with all parts working together in harmony.

There’s an on & off quality to the feedback training because we have a higher threshold we set for the audio feedback. Therefore it’s either on or off depending on whether you have enough coherence happening. But also, once they’re on, then they scale linearly, as the average of the other line to integrate altitude scores go up or down. And so above threshold, they’re on their linear going up and down, but both virtual they’re off. So it’s entirely possible for the person to be in a situation where the Hemi-coherent tones are silent, or at least only playing at what we call the resting tone level. There is no heavy coherence occurring. And so they’re off now in that situation.

Then and probably only then can people hear the integrated amplitude tones which are running along in the background at 30% of the volume. And when the Hemi-coherence, because of lack of mind integration, fall silent, then the person has integrated amplitude tones at reduce volume, they can work with those to raise them in such a way that they have the coherence condition, re emergence and the Hemi-coherence tones come on, at roughly three times louder volume than the background integrated alpha two tones.

You’ve got 12 scores, that now you’re working with the necessity to integrate your mind, in alpha one or two, you could be a big winner by having one or two channels that just take off and go to the moon. And there are exclusive, experiential, blissful kinds of things that come from that. There’s also benefits that come we will talk about later. And so in the alpha three is really very challenging because you have tones which are sometimes there and sometimes not there. And you’re also working on a higher order of phenomena. You have to get pairwise, your left brain in your right brain to be in alpha simultaneously in order for the Hemi-coherent tones to sound. And so it’s exciting work, but it is hard work.

You have to experience wholeness and oneness and mind integration in order to succeed at the alpha three brain training.

Let me give you a metaphor.

You team Star Trek right? The transporter.

Right? And there’s a process where they are being transported so they twinkle and tingle, you know, first and then the people sort of gradually disappear, and then there’s nothing there and then they show up somewhere else.

Okay, you got that metaphor. So as people go through different levels of the training, you know, the alpha one that’s been the most stuff that I’ve had research grants, private and public, and public scientific papers. And so, we know the wide range of benefits from the alpha one. Now the alpha two, far fewer people have done it and much less research has been done. However in Canada, there was a grant that was paying for airfare, hotel, taxi and the training fee – all made available for training in alpha one through alpha three, and it was totally free and available to all the Aboriginal people. And so we give them the standard battery test and have a lot of data on that.

What we found was that in the alpha one they come in anxious and depressed and paranoid schizophrenia and all that. There were big drops in these. Those benefits, pretty much stick. 

So when they come back for alpha two, there are further reductions in anxiety, paranoia, depression, schizophrenia, but there’s not much left as it’s been mostly resolved, so the reductions are smaller. 

When they come back for alpha three, there are further reductions in forms of psychopathology, but now they’re getting down to the vanishing point. And the mmpi which measures degrees of psycho pathology isn’t picking up much anymore. And so what we would need and what we don’t have much of are increases in positive things. So, what kinds of positive things are the existing tests we have increases in? Friendliness and vigor and clear thinking! And energy, these all go up. This is extremely exciting news for those who continue beyond alpha two into alpha three.

So what about spiritual awakening, or God consciousness, or joy or wisdom? All of which we know are increased by alpha, and go far above and beyond friendliness, vigor, clear thinking and energy, but how do we mearsure those benefits? Well, we don’t have the scientific studies to measure those kinds of things. But we DO have our anecdotal case studies where we have individual reports from the actual trainees!

So going back to the transporter metaphor, before the transporter starts to work, we are the earlier levels of the alpha training, people become stronger, they become healthier, they become more agile, they become more intelligent, they become creative, they become more personable… and as they go further, what they showed up as ordinary human beings starts to disappear and then they’re like, literally transported to another realm. And we don’t have right now the instruments to measure this scientifically, so we have to get individual feedback from them as to the changes they experience.

More accurately, we are hearing from the people going through the alpha three training, that those are the qualities of change that are being produced at these higher levels of mind integration.

It’s a shame that there isn’t a scientific instrument, mmpi and/or Myers Briggs type inventory or Basil’s personality orientation inventory, or the mood scale, that we could measure these things with – because now people are reporting moving beyond the mundane world and are moving into transcension. And what the challenge for us in our research and development staff, is to develop measures that are be understandable by people, or maybe by people who’ve done the alpha one or two, that measures where we were and where we can quantify the benefit.

However, we do see directly from the people though that these type of integrated mind integration trainings are hugely beneficial. So much that we’re being told not only are more positives being created in their lives (friendliness, clear thinking, vigor and energy), since the alpha one and two did all the work removing most of the negatives, but that they actually transcend and are ‘transported’ into a new, more spiritually awakened, wise & joyful individuals.

DID YOU KNOW? Biocybernaut offers up to Twenty Four Levels of Alpha Trainings. Alpha Trainings build on each previous training bringing you into richer and richer experiences and allowing your brain waves to organize and grow and synchronize more broadly across your head. Each successive training allows you to further advance in your Mind Mastery through increasing self-mastery of your own brain waves.

What’s next after Alpha two? – Alpha Three provides feedback that focuses your learning predominantly on integrating your Left Brain and your Right Brain. This involves very powerful feedback that emphasizes your hemi-coherence tones and scores, all of which deal with left:right synchronization.

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