Agnieszka Jurko

Hello and welcome

I’m so pleased that you’re considering visiting the BIOCYBERNAUT Brain Training Institute on your adventure to higher consciousness. 
BIOCYBERNAUT was founded in 1983 by Dr. James V. Hardt, physicist, psychologist with over thirty years of experience in clinical practice and research on the increase of brain-wave levels with the help of neurofeedback. The Biocybernaut Institute offers intensive training programs using advanced proprietary technology in the field of neurofeedback. Dr. Hardt devoted his whole adult life to researching and improving scientific technology and methods of teaching people in increasing the activity of alpha waves in the brain. The training system he has created is so effective that the United States has granted him a special patent for technological solutions.
Trainings using neurofeedback enable learning to control brain waves, which effectively raises:
  • Better access to forgiveness
  • Quality of release from aggressive programs
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Confidence and self-understanding
  • Self-Esteem
  • Creativity by 50%
  • Clarity of mind
  • Work efficiency
  • IQ level by 11.7 points
  • Mental and physical health
  • Sports results
  • and significantly enhances the effects of clinical work (addiction to alcohol and drugs, personal therapy, release from stress, constant tension, anxiety and trauma)

After years of scientific research, Dr. James Hardt discovered that forgiveness and opening the heart is necessary to quickly learn to increase the level of alpha waves, through which you can achieve many benefits such as: more happy life, increased creativity, higher IQ. Some ask dr. Hardta: “Can not I achieve a higher level of creativity and IQ and lower the level of fear without working on forgiveness?” . In response, Dr. Hardt just smiles and says gently: “The things you want to achieve are only side effects of deep work on spirituality, including work on forgiveness.”

Learning to rapidly increase the alpha waves in the brain, as well as theta and delta waves, requires spiritual development. The research work of the Biocybernaut Institute in the field of Spiritual Sciences reveals the existence of a causal relationship between brainwaves and the level of spiritual development. In just seven days of Alpha 1 Training, you will be able to achieve a model of the brainwaves that Zen meditators have for 21-40 years.

There are BIOCYBERNAUT Brain Training Institues in:
– Sedona, Arizona
– Victoria, BC Canada
– Bavaria, Germany

(Dr. James Hardt  and Agnieszka Jurko)
Classes are taught in English (the level needed for active participation is an intermediate level). I have translated Alfa courses for Polish participants several times and I will happily explain for other people or I will prepare English speakers for vocabulary. A polish interpreter, who will come with you to your course, could be also arranged. As soon as you submit the form below, we’ll know that you have accepted my invitation to consider a BIOCYBERNAUT Brainwave Training Adventure. Next, you’ll be connected to a Biocybernaut Institute team member who will support you as you consider when and where to do this amazing brain wave training. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about moving forward in this life changing training.  

Thank you for inquiring about the inner explorations possible with BIOCYBERNAUT Brainwave Training Programs.

Warm regards,
Agnieszka Jurko