A Day In The Life Of A Biocybernaut Training

Below is an insight into what a day looks like for a Biocybernaut trainee. Since our programs are one of a kind it’s nice to get more detailed about what you actually do all day in your training.

Get in touch with your brain. Every morning, you’ll go into one of our private chambers and hook up to one of our brain training devices.

  • This device measures your brain waves and gives you feedback on them in real-time. You can use it to watch your brain and understand how shifts in your conscious and subconscious affect your brain.
  • With each session, you gain richer and richer insight into your mind and learn to gain self-control over your states of consciousness.
  • Traditional meditative training to access these brain states take decades of arduous practice to achieve; with Biocybernaut’s technology and real-time feedback.
  • Here’s a more in-depth description of our process and how neurofeedback works.

Discover suppressed or denied emotions. At the beginning and end of each training session, you’ll evaluate your emotions using computerized mood scales (a brain polygraph test!).

  • You’ll rate yourself on feelings like joy, calm, fear, anger, depression, and so on, and our feedback program will measure your brain waves as you rate each emotion, matching your brain activity to your self-rating.
  • If there’s an inconsistency, you’re likely suppressing or denying an emotion.
  • Mood scales are like tilling a field to find boulders; they help you dig up buried trauma that has left an emotional trace.
  • With your Trainer, you can learn how to uncover that trauma, face it, forgive it, and let it go, also letting go of the painful emotion associated with it.

Group discussion & processing. After each training, you’ll gather with your fellow trainees (there are usually one to two other trainees training with you) and talk about what came up during your feedback session that day.

  • Biocybernaut trainers have gone through their own extensive brain training and are practiced in coaching consciousness shifts; they’ll help you make sense of your experience, and with their guidance, you’ll shed light on the deepest parts of your mind, and learn how to control them.

Eat! Rewiring your brain is hard work, and it’s important that you have the fuel to keep your mind running strong so you can make the most of your time at Biocybernaut. We have a carefully crafted menu of foods that support your brain, giving it the building blocks it needs to integrate the changes you create during training. Remember: you are responsible for your breakfast & Biocybernaut provides lunch & supper and nutritious snacks throughout the day.

See the changes in your brain. You and your trainer will go through your brainwave activity during your last session.

  • You’ll see graphs and data that show your brain coming to life, and your trainer will point out patterns: increases in calming, creative alpha waves, the coherence that shows the different parts of your brain learning to work together, and how your brain builds on itself, day by day.

Sleep. It’s time to recover after a hard day’s work. You’ll go home and enjoy at least 8 hours of sleep, preferably more, to give your brain the chance to assimilate and solidify its growth from the day. Most trainees report deep sleep during their week of training. No wonder — creating lifelong change at a neurological level is hard work.

Start it all again. Wake up, take some time for quiet reflection, eat a big breakfast, and head back to the center, ready for another day of training.

This program is not for the faint-of-heart.

Biocybernaut training is rigorous; you’ll likely push yourself in new and unusual ways. But at the other end of all that hard work is extraordinary psychological growth that impacts every aspect of your life.

Important Notes:

Alpha feedback training can be a life-altering experience. You will have an opportunity during the 7-day session to come into contact with parts of yourself that previously you may have been aware of only at a conceptual level. You are preparing to embark on a journey of self-exploration into the most exciting frontier that still remains,- … the frontier of your own consciousness. This is a High Tech Vision Quest and what you will experience is as different from your past life as when you first stood up on two legs and began to walk. You are going to learn to walk in a new way,- indeed you are going to learn to fly in your mind.

To receive maximum benefit from your training we suggest the following, both in your preparation period and during the course of the training:

Alpha is enhanced by receiving a good night’s sleep. And learning to increase alpha will help you to sleep better. For the week prior to training, you should aim to sleep 8 or 9 hours a night (more if you can). During the training, we will encourage you to sleep for 9 hours each night. If sleeping is ever a problem for you, we suggest that you purchase some Melatonin.

It is a sleep-enhancing hormone that is available over the counter in most drug stores and health food stores. Since the effectiveness of the Melatonin declines with continued use, we recommend that you minimize your use of it until just before arriving for training, so that it will be of greatest benefit to you just before and during your training. Half a milligram should be enough and it should be taken just before you turn out the lights, as it is broken down by light entering your eyes. If your pills or capsules are larger than 0.5 mg, you can break them or open them to take less.

Research has shown that alpha tends to decrease following use of certain common legal drugs. The legal drugs that you should, ideally, eliminate in preparation for the training and should avoid during the training are caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. We encourage you to complete your abstention process prior to arriving for training to avoid any withdrawal symptoms during the alpha training process. Some people experience headaches after caffeine withdrawal that lasts up to 2 weeks, so plan ahead and withdraw early. Please do not bring onto the training site any caffeine, nicotine or alcohol.

We also recommend that you alter your eating patterns according to the advice of Ben Franklin: “Breakfast like a king (or queen), lunch like a prince (or princess), and supper like a pauper.” It is best that your major fat and protein intake is at your morning meal, and your evening meal then consists of something light like fruits, salads, and carbohydrates (bread, cookies, etc. as long as these are low in oil (no heavy oily salad dressings) and have no chocolate, which contains caffeine).

Also, it is wise to avoid spicy food in the evenings since these may tend to lead to sleeplessness or shallow, dream-filled, restless sleep. We also support the idea of people finding out their blood type and then eating according to the food recommendations for their blood type (Eat Right for Your Type, by Dr. D’Adamo, Putnam’s Sons, New York, 1996). This reduces the energy needed for digestion and reduces digestive stress, and contributes to better sleep, and to easier weight control.

It is important to note that the Ketogenic diet without carbohydrates refeeding can be bad for your Alpha Waves. If you are on a Keto diet than we recommend that while you are in the Training that you have some healthy carbs, in the evenings, such as a sweet potato. Your brain is getting a good workout in the Training and, thus, you will want to fuel your brain.

We had one Trainee who had great Alpha scores in her Alpha One training and all the way through her Alpha Four training. Then over six months later, when she came for her next Training, her Alpha levels had collapsed by over 40%! The only change she had made between the previous Training and the current one was she went on a Ketogenic diet and did not eat carbs (nothing other than vegetables) for over 6 months.

If you don’t feed your brain, it won’t support you well and your Alpha-related creativity will suffer.

It may also be helpful to eliminate onions and garlic from your diet. Yes, we know they can have many health benefits, especially for certain blood types, but we are talking here about bad effects on consciousness, not physical health. Some people first hear about eliminating onions and garlic when they start taking Yoga lessons.

Onions and garlic are described as promoting a “rajasic” temperament, which is a somewhat hyperactive state of mind and the rajasic person is filled with mental and physical activity of the more willful and hyper types. A rajasic temperament (active ego and will) makes it harder to discipline the mind as is required in meditation and in alpha and the deeper types of neurofeedback. Paramahansa Yogananda and many other teachers of meditation recommend that people who are serious about meditation avoid ALL mind-altering chemicals,- including onions and garlic. If you are serious about your alpha training, you will consider eliminating onions and garlic from your diet as soon as possible, as they are detectable in your perspiration for many days after you last eat them.

We take considerable care to eliminate onions and garlic from the food we serve at Biocybernaut. It is difficult to be 100% successful in this effort, but we request that you do not knowingly bring onto the grounds of the training center any foods that contain onions &/or garlic. We also request AND REQUIRE that you do not bring onto the grounds of the training center any illegal drugs or controlled substances unless you have a Medical Doctor’s prescription for those medications. Bringing illegal drugs or illegal firearms onto the grounds of the training center is sufficient cause for a trainee to be suspended from the Training.

In the Premium Biocybernaut training, there is no lunch break, but you are encouraged to bring snack foods, which may be eaten during the morning discussions and electrode application times, and then also later during a meal break which occurs after the time in the training chambers and after the subjective reports and depth interviews which follow the time in the feedback chambers.

In the Premium Double training and Deluxe Premium Double training, there is a lunch break between the first and second feedback training sessions of the day. We ask that you select and eat a hearty breakfast with a lot of protein. There will also be available a selection of fruits, nuts, and bottled water.

The debriefing and processing session begin immediately after you emerge from the training modules at the conclusion of your daily alpha feedback training, and we ask that you do not eat until everyone has given their post-training interview. Then the group will adjourn from the interview room and gather together in the kitchen for the evening meal.

During the evening meal break, you may wander about, even going outside, and then you return to the group room (conference room) for a review of, and discussions about, the objective results of your day’s training. These interviews and some of the data reviews are videotaped.

Enclosed with these Training Notes are excerpts from an excellent book we can recommend buying: The Mood Cure, by Julia Ross, M.A., Penguin Books, 2004. It speaks knowledgeably about Omega-3 and its preferred fish oil source. You can help prepare your brain for your Alpha Training by undertaking some supplementation with fish oil as Julia Ross recommends in her book.

It is as important to monitor what goes into your mind as it is to watch what you put into your body. Alpha is enhanced by positive emotions and repressed by negative emotions. We, therefore, suggest that you avoid “action thrillers”, horror movies, and TV news in general. If you do any reading, TV or film watching, the content should be positive and uplifting, even inspiring.

Bring along copies of works of art you admire. This can be helpful, as each evening you will be advised taking time for reflection and contemplation. Contemplating a favorite work of art can be both enjoyable and helpful to your ongoing training process.

Getting a good contact with your scalp is important to improve the ease and accuracy of detecting your brain waves. Therefore please do not use hair conditioners or styling gels as these can make it harder to get good contact with your scalp.

Please wash your hair either the night or the morning before you come in to the training center. Washing your hair every day will be necessary to remove the water-soluble gels that are used to attach and hold the gold electrodes to your scalp.

This will also help to ensure the ease of creating good low-resistance connections each day. Also please avoid wearing scents and fragrances. Many colognes and perfumes are pleasant outdoors or at a distance and perhaps only briefly, but some people are very sensitive to scents and fragrances, and your sensory abilities may well increase dramatically over the week, so a scent that was barely noticeable before training may be quite strong afterward. Therefore we ask that you please do not use colognes, fragrances, or perfumes or scented products during your week of training.

It is important to be comfortable, so bring loose comfortable clothing. Casual and informal dress is perfectly fine. The training chambers are kept quite cool to guard against drowsiness, so that many people bring thick socks, and wear warm sweat pants with long-sleeved tops, or they bring zip up or button up jackets and sweaters, and we provide blankets in which to wrap up while seated in the training chambers.

It is best to bring jackets and sweaters which zip or button up the front, as clothing which must be pulled over the head does NOT work when you are wearing many electrodes on your head. Also, you may wish to bring a notebook or journal to record and to save significant impressions, ideas, and inspirations. Take the time to pick out a notebook of the size, shape, and color that appeals to you. You will be very pleased afterward that you remembered to bring a notebook with you.

Please remember that we tell trainees to plan for between 10 to 14 hours a day of designated, focused training.

Finally, we encourage you to approach your alpha training with excitement, positive anticipation, and an open mind. And know that your experience during the training will be unique to you. While many others have gone through the training, none have come from your unique experiences, background, and memories. You are indeed an explorer into your own frontier of the mind.

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