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General Pricing


The Biocybernaut Institute has more than a dozen programs of advanced training in brain wave self regulation. 
The entry point into all of the advanced programs is the introductory intensive Seven Day Alpha-1 Training program.


Seven Day Alpha-1 Trainings


Regularly scheduled trainings of up to 5 people: $14,995 USD per person at our Victoria, BC, Canada and Sedona, Arizona, USA centres and 
€11000 EUR (USD equivalent) at our German centre (Bavaria). Trainings in Canada and the US are secured by a non-refundable deposit of $3,995 CAD and USD, respectively. Trainings in Germany are secured by a non-refundable deposit of €5500 EUR. Reservations may be changed to another date with a $500 fee.


Two Day Sample


$4,695USD for a Two Day Sample in Victoria, Canada and Sedona, Arizona) complete with neurofeedback, “head coaching”, and the mood scale interview. Apply your insights from Day 1 to your voyage on Day 2.


Advanced Training Programs: 
Alpha Two through Alpha Nine and Theta One through Theta Nine


All of our 7-Day Training Programs are $14,995 USD in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and  Sedona, Arizona, USA and €11000 EUR in Germany. This includes Alpha Two through Alpha Nine and all 9 of the Theta training programs.


Private Session


Organize your own group session 
(family, friends, business partners)


Customized Packages


Customized Packages are also available for up to 5 people per training.
Private Sessions: 1-5 people to train without anyone else present.