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Brain Waves


The brain’s primary mechanism for information distribution is through neuronal activity.  Neuronal activity gives off tiny, but detectable electrical waves.  These waves are called brain waves.  Brain wave measurements provide information on the state of an individual’s brain.


Brain waves are defined based on their electrical frequency.  Brain wave frequencies range from 1 hertz to 30+ hertz.  The following is a list of the different brain waves in order of electrical frequency from lowest to highest: Delta, Theta, Schumann, Alpha, and Gamma waves.


Each brain wave has distinct sub-categories, these sub-categories are also defined based on their frequency and organization.  The sub-categories are all indicative of distinct brains states.


In addition to electrical frequency, EEG machines also measure electrical amplitude.  Electrical amplitude is indicative of the intensity of a brain state.  Brain wave neurofeedback teaches individuals to suppress or enhance their brain wave amplitudes at particular frequencies.


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