Dr. Hardt & Michelle Zelli presenting in Cannes, France - June 20, 2019

Posted by Kate O'Connor on Jun 12, 2019 8:53:25 PM



Creativity can be elusive and frustrating but when you learn the power of mind mastery, Eureka moments arrive on demand! Michelle Zelli is renowned for curating the very best processes from around the globe to deliver fast and lasting results to her discerning clients. Almost two decades of relentless practice, seeking and learning, culminating in 90 minutes of transformational creative gold, Michelle unveils at Cannes Lions her latest find.

Fusing science, psychology and spirituality, she will be probing Dr James Hardt, Founder of Biocybernaut, for the answers and information your creative genius needs.

Michelle shares the secrets of how the top 1% think and in the process, how to get the best from your brain for maximum ingenuity. Michelle is delighted to bring Dr Hardt to Cannes to share the findings of 30 years research and $25m investment, with scientifically proven results including a 50% increase in creativity.

At this unique workshop, discover how to tap into your full range of internal resources whist maximizing brainwave patterns to ignite your creative fire. In just 90 minutes… let us blow your mind and explore your unique creative potential. #CannesLion #Cannes #MichelleZelli 

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