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Benefits of Biocybernaut’s Alpha Brain Wave Training


In just 7 days of Biocybernaut’s unique Alpha brain wave Training, scientific studies have confirmed that, on average, the following benefits are obtained by Trainees:


  • +50% increase in creativity (avg. of tested Stanford Research Institute scientists who did Alpha One Training.)
  • +11.7 point increase in IQ (stable 12 months out)
  • Reversing brain aging in the EEG
  • More happiness and joy, and less fear and anxiety
  • More patience and understanding of self & others
  • Peak performance: sports, intellect, and relationships
  • Beneficial long-term personality changes


  • Clinical applications include:
    • Treating alcohol and chemical dependency
    • Attention deficit disorder
    • Personality healing
    • Relieving stress and anxiety
    • Healing traumas
    • Dissolving fears and terrors



Biocybernaut’s Alpha Brain Wave Training Reverses Brain Aging


Once atherosclerosis sets in, which can happen as early as one’s 20′s,  the frequency of one’s Alpha waves begins to slow.  This is the process that creates aging in the brain.


Biocybernaut’s Alpha training helps to develop latent abilities in older people.  In Biocybernaut’s study, ANXIETY AND AGING:  Intervention with EEG Alpha Feedback, women between 60-80 years of age showed the same pattern of beneficial changes in personality (reduced anxiety, depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, etc.) as the college-aged males had shown in his earlier research.  Incredibly, the data showed that with the 6 month follow ups, the older women showed further improvements in their personality profiles.  And at the 12 month follow up the results were even better.


The daily review of the EEG’s in the Training demonstrates to the Trainee the profound changes to their brain waves as the week progresses.


Neurofeedback  training at Biocybernaut teaches individuals to  control their own brain waves.  Neurofeedback training improves cognitive function, emotional health/intelligence, and can help individuals reach a variety of advanced spiritual states.


Cognitive benefits:


Research has shown that Biocybernaut Alpha feedback training increased intelligence as measured by a sophisticated IQ test: up to 49 percentiles in one individual and 11 points average in a study reported in February 2000.  According to an experiment with Stanford Research Institute scientists, Biocybernaut training increased creativity by an average of  50 percent.


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Advanced Spiritual States:


The brain waves of individuals who have undergone seven days of Alpha feedback training at Biocybernaut resemble the brain waves of those who have undergone 40 years of daily zen meditation.


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Emotional Health:


An experiment with US army Green Berets showed that Biocybernaut Alpha Feedback training improves overall personality.  This effect was measured through a variety of standard personality dimensions.


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Chronic and situational anxiety is reduced by learned increases in Alpha brain wave activity.


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Biocybernaut training has been shown to reduce a variety of negative personality dimensions as measured by the MMPI and other commonly used personality metrics.


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